TaylorMade Rossa Putter Aftermarket Solutions: 3.3" large insert

Thank you for visiting the TaylorMade Rossa section of our store.  This line started back in 2004 and lasted for many years after that.  It's TaylorMade's largest line of putters, with many models named after well known motorsport places such as Monaco, Daytona, and Maranello.  The inserts are a complex elliptical shape, but we've managed to design for 3 of the most common shapes. 

The stock inserts are usually horizontal groove aluminum.  New aftermarket solutions include:  3Dprinted Jetfusion, carbon fiber fusion, gloss twill carbon fiber and milled aluminum or copper.  Some options are listed below, and more can become available based on demand.


The Rossa sizes include:

1.  Large:  3.3" long

2.  Mid-sized:  2.9" long

3.  Small:  2.3" long


These sales are for one insert only, the putter shots are for visual only, not included.

Handling time is to meet expectations of a custom face finish.


These items are precision manufactured in the U.S.A.


TaylorMade Rossa Large Dimensions

Jetfusion is a hybrid polyamide material printed on the HP Jetfusion line of printers.  It is softer than metal, but hard enough to be legal, with respect to the USGA rules.  

Aftermarket Milled Aircraft Al insert for TaylorMade Rossa Putter, Largest 3.3" Length

This insert provides the following advantages:

-Unique response for easier distance control

-Crisp sound during ball contact

-A metal solution that closely matches your putter's stock swing weight

-The aesthetics of something different, yet classic.


Material:  aircraft aluminum

Finish:  cross-milled grooves or smooth brushed surface, your choice

Edge:  square edge (Versa has a step in the club)

Weight:  10g (adds very little weight to TaylorMade putter head)

Odyssey Versa #9 RH aircraft aluminum insert


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Aftermarket Carbon Fiber Insert for TaylorMade Rossa Putter, Largest 3.3" length

 This insert provides the following advantages:


-Pronounced response for easier distance control

-Crisp sound during ball contact

-A light weight resin solution to closely maintain the putter's stock swing

-High tech. aesthetics


Material:  carbon fiber twill layup, Formula 1 grade

Finish:  gloss

Edge:  square, close to pocket edges, no border

Weight:  6g

Gloss Twill Carbon fiber insert for the TaylorMade Rossa large insert. Please confirm shape by emailing in a picture.


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