For a heavier collection of putters, Odyssey released the Tank and Tank Cruiser series of putters in 2014.  The head material is stainless steel on these clubs, with a weight port to adjust make adjustments between 365g and 385g.  They are great candidates to make changes to, and the White Hot Pro insert they come with is easily removed.  Because of the high density of TeCu, it may be too heavy as an insert option for these clubs, so carbon fiber and aircraft aluminum will be the focus.


Each listing has dimensions on the last image, and an email can help to confirm.  These listings are for one insert sale only.  The putter pics are for visual only and not included.

Odyssey Putter Replacement Insert, Tank Cruiser 330M, Aircraft Aluminum

This insert provides the following advantages:

-A precision milled face, with grooves

-Pronounced response and crisp sound for easy distance control

-Only an additional 10g of head weight, the lightest metallic insert solution


Material:  aircraft aluminum

Finish:  milled grooves 

Edge:  square edge, flush (very little or no gap at all)

Weight:  20g (adds about 10g to Odyssey putter head)


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Carbon Fiber Replacement Insert, Odyssey Tank Cruiser 330M

This insert provides the following advantages:

-Consistent response for easy distance control

-Crisp sound during ball contact

-A resin solution that exactly matches your putter's stock swing

-The aesthetics of high tech.


Material:  carbon fiber twill layup, Formula 1 grade

Finish:  gloss

Edge:  square, close to pocket edges, no border

Weight:  10g (does not add any weight to Odyssey putter head)

This insert is for right handed putters only, please inform if you are lefthanded. 


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