The G5i design line of 2006 was a continuation of the successful G2i line.  The inserts are a black polymer, held in with 3M VHB double-sided tape, much like Odyssey.  The heads are a high quality stainless steel, with serial number engraved on the heel side of the face.  They make great prototype specials when optimized, and can usually be found on affordably.


These sales are for one insert only.  The putter heads in the photos are for visual only, not included.

These items are precision manufactured in the U.S.A.

Putter Replacement Insert, Ping G5i Craz-E, Smooth Carbon Fiber

This insert provides the following advantages:
-Distinct feedback for easy distance control
-A sweet pop during ball contact
-A resin solution that exactly matches your putter's stock swing weight
-The aesthetics of something unique & high tech.
Material:  carbon fiber twill layup, Formula 1 grade
Finish:  gloss
Edge:  square, close to pocket edges (clubhead has step for silicone channel)
Weight:  10g (does not add any weight to Ping putter head)
Ping Anser Scottsdale carbon fiber insert


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