At spryevo.com, our development of the putter insert is never ending, diligent, and most of all fun.  Only what is tested and proven is released to the public for only a select few brands, which we find interesting and efficient to work with.  Our solutions are not a copy of how the putter was in stock condition, but instead we aim for superior consistency, response, acoustics and feedback. 

When replacing a putter insert, ask yourself 3 questions:

1.  Do I want to add weight or keep it the same?

2.  Do I want a metal face or non-metal?

3.  Do I want a smooth face or a grooved face (milled or horizontal)?


Though we are constantly striving to achieve more on the greens in Jupiter, Florida, we are currently offering 4 proven materials:


This material was developed from our experience in motorsport.  We are not the first to introduce a carbon fiber hitting surface on a putter, but we aim for it to be the most advanced.  The material is imported from Italy and is of the same grade used by teams in Formula 1 racing.  The material is then laminated and cured in the USA to a Spryevo specification.  Inserts from this material provide the following advantages:


1.  No added weight because of its low density

2.  Polymer, non-metal feel because of the resin content

3.  Pronounced roll response because of the fibers and their reinforcing properties

4.  Solid acoustics due to the interaction of the resin and fibers teaming up.

5.  Smooth glossy surface with a stealthy aesthetic often seen on exotic sports cars

6.  $38 price range per insert


Copper has long been a favorite metal as a putting surface because it is a soft metal with a high density, often perceived by the golfer as greater feel.  We choose to work with a tellurium copper because of its machinability and mechanical properties.  Another advantage is the ability to achieve different aesthetics ranging from a high luster polish, to machined grooves or patina.  Some recent notable wins in 2017-19 with a copper insert putter involve Brooks Koepka.  Te-Cu inserts provide the following advantages:

1.  Adding weight to the putter face because of its high density, anywhere from 30-60 grams, depending on geometry. This is great for the larger grips of today and counterbalancing.

2.  The quality feel and deep sound of a dense, solid metal against the ball during impact

3.  Milled to a precise thickness with textured cut grooves (smooth is also available)

4.  Amber aesthetic which can take on many looks:  smooth polished shine, brushed satin, blasted satin (rose gold), or a rough light cross-milled machining.

5.  These run in the $60 range (copper is a precious metal and in high demand)


Not just any aluminum will do, aircraft grade provides a higher quality for added durability, function, and aesthetic.  This is the lightest metal solution possible, besides magnesium, for a putter head insert, and it only adds about 10g in weight.  This grade of aluminum has great machining characteristics, which can provide an accurately grooved face, or a flat, smooth brushed surface.  Advantages of this insert include:






1.  A precisely milled metal insert solution, which only adds 10-20 grams to the club head.

2.  Versatile silver face finish properties range from precision grooves to a smooth brushed surface, with no corrosion maintenance.

3.  At impact, the sound is a pitch above stainless steel, more like what Karsten was after when he named is "Ping" brand. 

4.  The roll response is more distinct and defined compared to factory plastic solutions affixed with tape.

5. Prices are in the $40 range

4.  HP Jet Fusion Black (Black or Gray Professional on Shapeways)

3D printing with the HP Jet Fusion and www.shapeways.com has been very exciting.  High accuracy, incredible detail, speed, and cost effectiveness make this a great aftermarket solution to the needs of the putter face.  The nylon hybrid material is tough, light weight, dark in color. Combining those characteristics with the horizontal grooves make for a great roll off the putter face.  Please stay tuned or email design@spryevo.com for which model is required.  The example shown in the picture can be found in the link below:


TaylorMade 110 Shape




HP Jet Fusion Black provides the following characteristics: 

1.  A precise hybrid, non-metal insert, which does not add any weight to the club head.

2.  Detailed horizontal groove patterns can be printed, and more with no corrosion maintenance.

3.  The black or grey aesthetic provides a unique sound and evident response at ball impact compared to stock plastic. 

4.  These are in the $15-$25 range (size affects print time)

5.  Carbon Fiber Fusion Black

Carbon fiber is typically smooth because of the way it's manufactured.  However, we have now acquired technology to manufacture with grooves as well as smooth with our CARBON FUSION material.  It's a similar look to Jetfusion, but a much higher quality in both material and detail, and it's manufactured in-house. Please email design@spryevo.com for which model is required.



Carbon Fusion Black provides the following characteristics: 

1.  A precise, non-metal carbon fiber insert, which does not add any weight to the club head.

2.  Detailed horizontal groove patterns or smooth which are manufactured in-house in Jupiter, Florida.

3.  The black aesthetic provides a unique punch and response at ball impact compared to stock plastic. 

4.  These are in the $30 range

6.  Carbon Fiber Fusion/Copper Hybrid

If solid milled copper in the entire pocket is too heavy, then this solution is the best of both worlds.  The lightness of carbon fiber fusion material fills most of the pocket, but the ball contact area is milled copper.  This provides the crisp response and dense acoustics of a milled putter, but without the weight of full copper. Please email design@spryevo.com for which model is required.



Carbon Fusion/Copper Hybrid provides the following characteristics: 

1.  A precise, carbon fiber insert with a copper ball-contact face, which adds minimal weight with the density of copper.

2.  The black/copper aesthetic provides a unique punch and response at ball impact compared to stock plastic. 

3.  These are made in Jupiter, Florida and run $50 range depending on size.

As more materials are researched and proven functionally, they will be added in time.  In the mean time, please be sure to visit both our store on ebay.com and our insert store