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Thank you for visiting our updated TaylorMade putter insert store.  We are located in beautiful Jupiter Florida, to soak in and contribute to some of the latest golf industry trends.  This collection of products aims optimize the short game, or keep that memorable gamer going and away from the dumpster.  


First and foremost, there are some rules to follow with putters and insert selection.  There are so many variants of TaylorMade putters and specifications now, it can difficult and confusing for any customer to choose what's required for their putter.  Therefore, the general/blanket listings below are to be purchased after the exact putter model has been established and then the correct insert can be manufactured for the putter.  Please email a picture of the putter head showing the face and sole to


We do not possess every shape of TaylorMade face insert ever made, but a database has been amassed and if it has not been documented, there is a service where the club can be sent in, insert designed, installed and putter shipped back to the customer.


Not only is shape important, but material.  The link below summarizes summarizes engineered, precise materials available by spryevo:

Insert Optimization


Installation is with epoxy as detailed below:

Putter Insert Installation

Though many manufacturers use 3M VHB tape, it's for high speed assembly lines and production.  Working on a putter at this level affords the opportunity to use epoxy and make the insert truly one with the head.


Please only purchase the general/blanket listings below if a confirmation picture has been sent to to define the exact insert required.

There are many insert variations.  For instance, the Ghost Spider and Spider X inserts are a different thickness.  A picture of the putter helps define what is required.


Please BEWARE of clones! There are many fakes and club clones around trying to be Taylormade.  Our solutions cover the genuine article only and not a knock-off.  Please email with pictures, for proof your club is correct.


Horizontal Groove or Smooth Flat Black Carbon Fiber Fusion Replacement Insert For Most TaylorMade Putters


This insert provides the following advantages:

-A lightweight fiber reinforced resin solution that exactly matches your putter's stock swing

-Soft acoustics much like a stock insert

-Consistent roll and response for accurate distance control

-Grooves can be paint-filled for a unique look


Material:  carbon fiber fusion

Finish:  horizontal groove or smooth flat black

Edge:  square, flush to the edge (no step)

Weight:  5g (the lightest insert option possible)

Carbon Fiber Fusion Insert for Most TaylorMade Putters (please email picture for confirmation)


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Milled Aircraft Aluminum Replacement Insert For Most TaylorMade Putters.

This insert provides the following advantages:

-A precision milled face, with grooves or smooth

-Pronounced response for easier distance control

-A crisp sound during ball contact

-Only an added 7g of head weight


Material:  aircraft aluminum

Finish:  milled smooth or with grooves

Edge:  square, flush to the edge (no step)

Weight:  About 15g (adds about 7g to TM putter head)


Milled Aircraft Aluminum Options for TM Putters


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Milled Tellurium Copper Replacement Insert for Most TaylorMade Putters

 This insert provides the following advantages:

-Controlled response for easy distance control

-A denser sound during ball contact and classic amber aesthetics

-Added weight, transforming your putter's swing weight up the scale


Material:  milled smooth or groovy milled tellurium copper

(specify if smooth in order notes)

Weight:  30g (adds about 25g)

Milled TeCu Insert for TaylorMade putter


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Do you know your model?  Below are specific listings. There are many different TaylorMade insert shapes, and we'll probably never cover them all, but here are some good examples from popular clubs.  Click the pictures below, which take you to the example of your club:








For intallation, please see:



If the installation process is a bit daunting, the install service is available for an additional fee + shipping your club.