Thank you for visiting the Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport Detour section of our store.  This was a difficult long term project established with Chris Finch Golf  The Detour line of putters are an appealing shape, but some disliked the alignment feature.  If the alignment feature is removed, then so is the hitting face.  Any replacement face must be heavy to add a decent amount of weight back the to the club head.  Hence we designed a Tellurium Copper CNC machined insert to bring the club head weight to 340g.  


For now, only the CNC copper version is available.  We may be working on some 3D printed bronze versions in future.  This insert is also handed and only RH versions are currently available.  LH versions may be possible in future, if the volume is there to support it.  There are 4 types of Cameron Detour putter.  This insert is known to cover the Newport 2 Detour and the Newport 2.5 Detour only.


You may ask why put copper in a Scotty Cameron?  It's a soft metal, it's milled, it's dense, and Brooks Koepka won the 2017 US Open with a copper insert Scotty Cameron (not this Detour setup, but similar).


The Cameron Newport 2 Detour may well disassemble by unbolting the buttonhead bolts after applying some heat.  If not, drilling out the bolt heads, as seen above will be necessary.  Starting with a Newport Detour 2 in the top left, take a 7/64" drill and aim inside the hex feature of the bolt, as seen in the middle left picture.  Drill down just enough to the head breaks free and starts to spin.  If you drill too far, you may affect the hole of the club head.  Once bolts are broken, tap the back of the alignment feature against a solid surface as seen in the lower left, and the alignment feature will eventually break free.  


Before assembling your club with epoxy, please do a pre-fit.  From experience, some inserts drop in perfectly level.  Others required some shimming, which may be accomplished with shim stock or aluminum foil behind the insert to prop it up.  Cameron club insert pockets are usually pretty accurate, but some have allowed the insert to sit too low by 0.008" or so.  The USGA allows an insert to sit proud by 0.006" or shallow by 0.004".  We are always available for help, or we can do the install for you for another $79.

RH TeCu Insert for Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 & 2.5 Detour

Customize your Titleist Scotty Cameron Newport 2 & 2.5 Detour putter with this aftermarket milled tellurium copper insert, developed by Spry Evo.  When assembled, club head weight is about 340g for the Newport 2.5 Detour.


This insert provides the following advantages:

-Unique head weight and response of the milled grooves

-A denser sound during ball contact

-The classic amber copper aesthetics.

-Your own Scotty Cameron Newport Detour Milled Copper prototype.  Not many of these will be made.

-Made in the USA


Material:  copper

Weight:  66 g

Finish:  milled flycut grooves 

Edge:  square edge

Quantity:  1


This sale is for one insert only, and it does not include the clubhead.

This item is precision manufactured in the U.S.A.


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