In 2001, Odyssey revolutionized the putter world with their 2-ball design.  The discs promoted consistent alignment with the ball, while providing a platform to increase club moment of inertia.  The structure distributed mass well outside the center of gravity.  Historically it has won many championships, including majors, and it is still a consistent performer today.  Such an accomplished pedigree and efficient design warrants optimization to the next level.  

The gallery below shows the possibilities with optimizing the 2-ball disc design.  Designs conceived range from aluminum to carbon fiber materials, and finishes consisting of blasted mist, teflon, and epoxy paint.  A lot of this sort of work requires some customization and cost, but the effect is unique, aesthetic, and effective.  The typical Odyssey stock 2-ball has plastic discs which can be removed with heat.  The exception is the White Ice 2-ball, where the disc feature is a forged part of the club.  For solutions, please see this link:

White Hot 2-ball Discs