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Please send a message using the contact form below.  Putter pictures also say a thousand words. We look forward to getting your questions, comments, and feedback, but there may be a slight delay. 


Office hours tend to be 5-7pm weekdays, but we work weekends on these projects.  A reply within 24 hours is always the target, but it may be longer if times are busy.


Many clubs now have the same name with a different insert shape or thickness.  "I have an Odyssey"  or "I have a TaylorMade Spider X" is not enough information anymore.

1.  What brand and model are best depicted with a picture of the putter face and sole.

2.  Is more weight required or should it be kept the same?  Copper is very dense and can add 50g or so.

3.  Is a metal face or non-metal required?  Non-metals or carbon composite inserts are lighter

4.  Is a smooth face or grooved face desired?  Grooves dig into the ball for grip and perceived softness. Smooth faces are slick and crisp.  Each has its advantages for the golfer.

More about insert materials is here:  ABOUT PUTTER INSERTS


Also beware, we only work on solutions for the genuine article.  There are fake, knock-off designs out there, please be careful not to purchase one.  


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