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Send us a message using the contact form below. We look forward to getting your questions, comments, and feedback, but there may be a slight delay.  As of mid May 2017, operations slowed a little as we transitioned our lives from Charlotte NC to Jupiter, Florida.  Motorsport has been fun, rewarding, challenging, and I've moved on with no regrets.  I'll be joining the aerospace and golf design scenes of the Palm Beach area, and look forward to expanding and contributing to new companies and connections, while relaxing on the beach when possible.


We are in a new house and slowly coming back up to speed as of August 2017.  Sorry for any delays or delinquency in replying.  Our office hours tend to be 5-7pm weekdays, and we work weekends on these projects.  We aim to reply within 24 hours, but it may be longer if times are busy.


If you need help with a club or insert, details help tremendously.

1.  What brand and model, or feel free to email a pic of the club face. 

2.  Do you want to add weight or keep the head weight the same.

3.  Do you want a metal face or non-metal?

4.  Do you want a smooth face or grooves?


Thanks for your interest, and we're always trying to work harder, so you can play better.

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