The above 2-ball putter head has the new aluminum insert glued into place with epoxy.  However, the stepped channel has yet to be filled.  Not all clubs or inserts have this stepped channel.  Some allow a flush fit, where any gap filling is minimal.  The following explanation will hopefully be a good summary of how to achieve the factory look of a sealed ring around the insert face of the club, if it is relevant.

The following is required to get started (pictured above):

1.  A cloth over your work area, to help contain any excess or mistakes.

2.  A putter head with insert already epoxied into place.  It's best to wait 24 hours after the epoxy stage of the insert installation, so there is ample drying time.

3.  Color Rite acrylic caulk.  It's probably the easiest sealing material to work with for this application:

     a.  It cleans up with water

     b.  It comes in a variety of colors

     c.  There is a great selection on

     d.  The seal is consistent

4.  A firm sponge, preferrably one for car washing


After cutting off a small portion of the caulk tube tip, hold it against the channel and gently squeeze out a bead of caulk while traveling around the border of the insert.

Rinse the above sponge with water before this stage, and squeeze until just moist.  Put club insert face down, and move along sponge with light pressure.  The caulk will smear across the face, but eventually the excess will subside, and the face should end up clean, and a flat ring should now exist around your insert.  Allow to dry overnight.

After cleaning the face one more time, your insert border should look like the picture above.  Your project is complete, now go sink some putts with something you built and you can be proud of.