Alternative Putter Shaft Materials

Let's face it, we're all tiring of shiny chrome plated putter shafts.  Coating them can work for a while, but it eventually wears or scratches.  Graphite may be an option, but it's sometimes heavier than a hollow steel shaft.


Our development has been ongoing for years and we've finally cracked a way to offer a putter shaft that is:


1.  Light weight:  A 37" steel putter shaft typically weighs 120g.  This new hollow twill CF shaft will weigh 65g for the same length.  Golfers seeking the effect of counterbalancing may find the shaft weight reduction to be an advantage, with weight concentrated at the ends of the pendulum compared to a steel shaft setup.

2.  Self-damping: Carbon fiber is naturally self-damping, especially compared to steel.  Thin walled steel shafts have harmonics and vibrations at impact.  The club head and grip mute this, but the full carbon fiber of this design has its own unique properties and it's not as harsh.

3.  Greater Stiffness: Improved feel for those that play a toe hang putter, where impact with the ball applies a torque to the shaft.  The jumbo diameter provides greater stiffness in torsion and bending for greater consistency.

4.  Naturally black:  No more chrome glare or coatings that chip.  This shaft will be stealthy while also offering the twill weave aesthetic often associated with high level motorsports or aerospace.  If you scratch this shaft, it will always be black.


Pre-order listing below, quantities are limited and this product meets the rules of the USGA as written, and don't hesitate to contact for more details.

Current design suits plumber's neck hosels for .370" shafts.  More variants to come.


SpryEvo Jumbo Carbon fiber putter shaft Preorder (shipping 5/1/21)

Pre-order listing, shipping 5/1/21

-Glossy black twill laminate carbon fiber putter shaft

-36" length

-65g weight with ferrule to connect to plumber's neck hosel for .370" shaft


Quantities are limited

Glossy Black Twill Laminate Carbon Fiber Putter Shaft


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