Thank you for visiting the TaylorMade Manta section of our store.  These aftermarket solutions will either repair, optimize, or customize your putter, hopefully improving your game. 


These listings are for one insert only, and they do not include the clubhead.

These items are precision manufactured in the U.S.A.

If the material or option you seek is not available, please email and make a request.


If the installation process is a bit daunting, the install service is available for an additional fee + shipping your club. 

The option at the right is a horizontal groove design 3Dprinted on an HP Multijet Fusion.  It's a hybrid polyamide material, which is softer than metal, but still offers a great response, feel, sound, and performance.

Milled Tellurium Copper Insert, TaylorMade Ghost Manta Putter

This insert provides the following advantages:

-Unique response for easier distance control

-A denser sound during ball contact with the soft metal

-Added weight, transforming your putter's swing weight up the scale

-The classic amber copper aesthetics.


Material:  copper

Weight:  30g

Finish:  milled flycut grooves 

Edge:  square edge

Quantity:  1


This sale is for one insert only, and it does not include the clubhead.

This item is precision manufactured in the U.S.A.


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Smooth Carbon Fiber Aftermarket Insert For TaylorMade Ghost MANTA Putter & More

This insert provides the following advantages:

-Crisp sound during ball contact

-A lightweight resin solution which does not add weight to the putter head

-Adding high tech aesthetics and functionality to your putter


Material:  glossy carbon fiber twill layup, Formula 1 grade

Weight:  5g 


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