Optimizing Putter Faces

Odyssey White Ice #6 optimized with carbon fiber insert.
Odyssey White Ice #6 optimized with carbon fiber insert.

Without a doubt, the putter face insert is one of the great golf innovations in recent times.  It allows the golfer to attain a softer feel as the polymer insert hits the ball, rather than the previous market standard of metal face.  Judging by its popularity amongst the PGA tour field, it has proven successful for the players and profitable for the manufacturers.


The big manufacturers like Odyssey or Ping, have to make a profit and there are limitations in what materials they can actually put into mass production.  Drawing from a racecar material library, consisting of materials like carbon fiber & aircraft aluminum, allows horizons to be broadened for enthusiasts.  You dream it, and it can happen with just about any brand of club imagineable.      

Putting is not just about feel, but also about sound.  Below is an example of how the harmonics of an Odyssey putter can change, with a carbon fiber insert providing more of a "ping" sound, as opposed to the lower frequency thump of the standard white hot tour insert.

See gallery below for some prototype work already completed.  We have assembled a library of available parts centered around mostly Ping and Odyssey putter heads.  If you have a club in mind, that you'd like to optimize with a new insert, then please contact design@spryevo.com 



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