Thank you for visiting the Odyssey White Hot #1 area of our aftermarket insert store.  This line of Odyssey putters was introduced in 2006 with great success and adoption on the PGA tour.  With high quality 17-4 stainless steel heads, they are still in use today, though the urethane faces may be worn.  This particular model, the #1, was one of the first Anser shapes Odyssey designed.  Please see our solutions below for some of the different models we have engineered new aftermarket solutions.  


Methods of manufacture range from 3Dprinted, to laminated carbon fiber, to precision milled metals.  Please see About Putter Inserts for more info.  Though RH is shown and most common, email us for a LH version.


Aftermarket Carbon Fiber Insert for Odyssey White Hot #1 RH Putter


  1. -Consistent response for easy distance control
  2. -Crisp sound during ball contact
  3. -A resin solution that exactly matches your putter's stock swing
  4. -The aesthetics of high tech.
  • Material:  carbon fiber twill layup, Formula 1 grade
  • Finish:  gloss
  • Edge:  square, close to pocket edges, no border
  • Weight:  10g (does not add any weight to Odyssey putter head)
  • This insert is for right handed putters only, please let us know if you are lefthanded. 



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